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Non-Fiction Level IV

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1. Germany
2. Religious persecution
3. Page
4. Baroque
5. Titian
6. True
7. Paintings
8. Any of his children who were artists or who married one.

Non-Fiction Level III

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1. Is this item something I need or something I want?
2. Banks
3. Pay off the debt within six years.
4. 10% to 20%
5. Lines of credit
6. Keep track of cards by making a list of important information about the card
7. Annual Percentage Rate
8. True
Why is it important to have good credit in the world today? What will it help you to do? How will you plan to obtain credit and maintain a good credit history?
There are many important reasons to have good credit in the world. Good credit is important today's world for several reasons.When you do not have the money to pay all of your bills, you can take a loan from the bank and to take care of it.It will help me to buy house,car or anything you want.

Non-Fiction Level II

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1. False
2. Headaches that occur suddenly
3. B and c only
4. Cluster headaches
5. Secondary
6. Illness
7. Migraine headaches
8. False
Writing: Research over-the-counter pain relievers. How do they work? What are the side effects of these medications? Which of these pain relievers do you think is best? Why? (BE SURE TO PICK 2-3 AND DON'T FORGET TO CITE YOUR SOURCES)
There are two basic types of over-the-counter pain reliever.These are NSAIDs or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Acetaminophen.NSAID works by blocking all propagandists. So while they block those that cause pain, they also block those that protect the stomach lining. Acetaminophen don't block propagandists. Acetaminophen reduces pain and fever.I think Acetaminophen is the best because it has no side effect and Acetaminophen don't block propagandists.

Non-Fiction Level I

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1.  The effects of dangerous chemical pesticides.
2.  Silent Spring.
3. False
4. False
5. True
6.  All of the above
7.  Occurring after someone's death
8. All of the above
9. Rachel Carson wrote her book to help animals, people, and the Earth.
10. False

Is there something you are concerned about that is going on in the world? What would you tell people about this subject? Why do you want to tell them this? (Your response goes in your blog)
I concerned about the air pollution that is going on in the world.Air pollution destroying our nature.I would explain to  people about the air pollution affect on humans and developing nation.Every year earthquake destroy our family,house ,money and many people lost their lives and earthquake occurs because of air pollution so we should the stop polluting air and save the nature.

Essay #2

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-----Trust is an essential part of living together. It is very important to have trust on someone or something. We need trust everywhere, in working place, society. Also trust gives us the strength and energy to our daily lives.
-----In working place trust is very important. If you don’t trust anyone at your working place it will be impossible for you to work there or someone else to work with you. A lack of trust in the workplace can also increase pain, tiredness and make the stuff to move over. When you have trust on your working place, it will help you to focus on your work and move forward.
------Trust gives strength and energy to our daily lives. When you don't trust someone then it will cause the confusion, worry and fear because you don't trust anyone. If you have trust then your daily life you will be happier. When you trust someone then you will feel more self-confident to do anything and trust will keep you positive mental.
-----In society trust is very important. If people don't have trust it is impossible to make the society stronger and better because no one has the trust. We cannot make peace on the society if we don't have the trust on each other so it is very important to have trust on the society.
----In conclusion, it is very important to have the trust. If you want to be successful and accomplish your goals then you must trust someone. Also if you want other people to trust you then you must trust on them.


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----A book that is meaningful to me is Incident in the life of a slave girl by Harried Jacob.The novel written from first person point of view and it's about a girl named Linda who born a slave.Incident in the life of a slave girl is special to me because it focuses on the theme challenge.
Linda is protagonist and the main character of the book.She had very happy life when her mistress was alive.She never thought that she is a slave.Linda's mistress let her do what she wanted to do.After her mistress died she went to a new master Dr.Flint house.Dr.Flint began to pressuring Linda to have a sexual relationship with him however she refuse to have any sexual relationship with him and then she take the challenge to saver her self and learned to fight for survival .
----Dr.Flint continued to pressures and threatens her.To save herself, Linda entered in to a sexual relationship with Mr. Sands.Although she had two children with Mr. Sands, Dr. Flint still abusive to her so she wanted to escape to free state but at the same time she also wanted to free her children. If she escape then Dr.Flint will put her children to jail.It was a very difficult decision for Linda, but she took the challenge and overcame it bravely.
----When i first movie to USA from Bangladesh i faced the challenge of learning to speak English.When i was in Bangladesh i went to school but i never learned to write,read or speak English.It was a difficult for me to learn English but i take the challenge to learn English.
----In conclusion, the slave narrative Incident in the life of a slave girl is very special to me because it focuses on the theme challenge and shows how people face challenge in their life.Also it is special to me because i can connect to my self with the book.


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I remember when my brother gave me a bicycle
and my first ride on a bicycle
Feeling scary and excited
As if flying on the sky
my heart was pounding
as the wheels go round