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Life in 2020 essay

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Life will change in many ways in 2020.Technology will improve our lives. Schools are going to change. For instance: now, we have to come school but in 2020, students won't have to come to school. People are going to change. For instance we do all the housework ourselves at home but in 2020, robots will do it for us. New electronics will be discovered. The technology will make people’s life easier on the other hand it will make them lazy.

Technology will improve a lot in the future. In past, people didn't know how to use a computer. They didn't have computers at home. They didn't have. If any people wanted to read a newspaper they had to go to store and buy a newspaper then they could read it but now if any body wants to read a newspaper, they don't have to go to a store, they can go to internet and they can read a newspaper online. They can do this at home too. This means that life in 2020 will be more different from present. Maybe people will get the news transferred to their brains via Internet.

In the future, schools will be more different from present. For example in the past there was no computers in schools but now in there are a lot of computers in schools. In 2020 robots will be teachers and they will explain them if students don't understand something. People are going to change. For example: Now in present we have to do all work in our house but in future robots are going to do everything. They are going to clean the house, and cook. They going to do everything that you need to do in your home. Now you have to drive your car but in the future you don't need to do it because in 2020 there will be flying cars.

In 2020, new medicine will be discovered and it will save a lot of people’s lives. The medicine will cure the Aids virus and cancer so people will live longer and healtier.

I think life in 2020 will be different from present because of new technology. Technology will be more advance in future. It will make people’s lives more comfortable which will make them a little lazy.


Menahil Idrees said...

Shimul, lyf in 2020 will b nothin like this, i mean seriously who woud think bout robots n stuff. V r developing but slowly. Overall, gud try

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Uday Kumar Kamatham said...

people will get the news transferred to their brains via Internet.

Too much to expect!!

Anonymous said...

fuck u bitch.. i mean this is the worst essay one could expect